Monday, September 16, 2013

#99 session

Columns went well.  I am noticing changes in how I see the Columns paper itself.  I'm noticing that I am seeing more of it all simultaneously.  I am still doing it the way that I last described.  I go through the normal sheet a few times, and then I focus on the star-shaped sheet and pay attention to the middle area, where I focus on the letters 'SEA'.  I jump around those letters fixing on surrounding letters, while simultaneously trying to see the word 'SEA'.  It's good exercise on the peripheral vision.

Special Tetris was good.  The picture is starting to look better with the filters set to red/cyan.  It's starting to look more focused and more stable.  I will probably keep them this way for a week, and then start alternating next week so I can have some basis for comparison.

The light tube was actually sort of a pain in the ass again.  It was very strenuous fighting against the hypertropia.  It was also just strenuous in general--it's hard to explain.

I did three minutes of saccades and three minutes of Bouncy.  It's good stuff.  I've been neglecting doing it lately, but I'm going to try and get back into it.


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