Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#107 session

Today was yet another good eye day.  I wonder how an Australian would say that.

I'm still noticing the stereo effects getting stronger, just like the prior day.  Every once in a while I will glance at something, and I will get some pop--it happened when I did a quick glance near my steering wheel.  I couldn't help but think about Sue.  But still, even with the quick pops, especially when I'm walking down a corridor or driving down the street, the input from the other eye is noticeable and a permanent feature of my vision now.  I guess that means less suppression.

Columns was very good today, especially near the 15 minute mark.  When I fix with the lazy eye, the other eye's vision is getting more solid.  That's all I can really say about it I suppose.  One of the weird things I'd always noticed about my vision is that when I fix with my good eye, I can see stuff relatively well with the lazy eye if I pay close attention.  However, when I would fix with the lazy eye, I could practically see nothing with the other eye.  It was weird, because it was definitely there, but as much as I would try, I couldn't perceive anything for input from the good eye when I was fixing with the lazy eye.  It was as if it was in another universe.

That's one of the things that was like a splinter in my mind, because one of the questions I'd always ask myself is 'how does this or that aspect of my vision compare to how I would imagine that it would function for a binocularly normal person?'  I would always ask questions like that as a means of guiding myself toward my goals.  And obviously, that's very, very bad if you can't see any of the good eye's input when you fix with your lazy eye.  But now, that problem which was always a bastard to think about is actually being expressly addressed by this beautiful exercise that Heather taught me.  The pieces are finally beginning to line up.

Bouncy was alright, but not great.  There's still esotropia, and I make sure not to tilt my head.  I'm not too worried about it though.  Saccades were alright, but not great other.

The light tube went really, really well.  I just switched to the magenta Alpha Delta filters, which, as I remembered them, tend to show accommodation mismatch pretty vividly and unapologetically (your shit's busted, sir).  For the first minute or so I dealt with fighting the accommodation mismatch until it was pretty under control.  It's something that I have to be conscious about pretty much the entire time.  Sometimes I take a break, and when I do take a break and relax, the light becomes uber bright.  It's the brightest I remember it being.  It's almost blinding.  When I have both double images in near perfect focus, I do notice that I have to resist against some hypertropia again, probably because I'm allowed to use the eye more, and so whatever hypertropia is there is unacceptable to the brain.  ok...  Let's see how things are tomorrow.

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