Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#93 session

The light tube went well.  This will be my last day with the Mu Upsilon filters, since I switched to them midweek last week since I spent an extra amount of time with the magenta Alpha Delta filters.

Special Tetris was good.  There were changes that I noticed from yesterday, but it was all a matter of degree.  That said, it was very good.  My eyes want to automatically follow the falling block in a grid pattern.

Columns went well.   My eyes are no longer tired from doing the exercise.  I'm thinking I might switch the exercise around tomorrow so that I do Columns first, and then Special Tetris, and then light tube.  This is because by doing motor exercises first, I'm thinking that might encourage my brain to let the extra information come in when I'm doing antisuppression exercises since there should be less diplopia--at least in theory.  I think I'll give that a try.

The world looks more depthy every day.  I just want it to go faster.  


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