Thursday, April 7, 2016

Still making progress with fixation cards

Still been making progress with the fixation cards.  Still been doing the same techniques since the last blog entry.

It seems there is quite a way to go in order to have vision that works the way I imagine it should (able to get both images to come in clearly simultaneously).  When I close the left eye and fully accommodate with the right eye, I can tell that my muscles inside of that eyeball are doing something different from what they're doing when both of my eyes are open and fixated on the paper (each respective image on the fixation card).  But I can't quite fully accommodate each eye on each image.  But it does seem to be improving each and every week.  Getting closet to the ultimate goal with each week.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are being shipped now.  That means that Oculus is now making the Oculus software available on their website.  Although it doesn't officially support the DK2, I haven't yet found anything that doesn't work with the DK2.  Nice.  Thank you, Oculus.  Also, it comes with free demos, like Lucky's Tale, some VR films, and a number of other things.

Holy crap, has the software improved.  Everything up to this point has been amateur stuff.  Lucky's Tale, on the other hand, is incredibly polished.  Very beautiful and smooth.  It's a platformer, very similar to Mario Brothers or Mario Brothers 64.  But they make spectacular and creative use of the VR medium.  It's very fun, and I've had the most powerful stereo effects yet.  It's very, very impressive.  And this is still all with the DK2.  In a few weeks or so I should have an HTC Vive (better than the Rift and far, far better than the DK2).

I am positive that the exercises I've been doing are the reason the experience has been so impressive.  But anyway.  In a few weeks or so I'll probably take Pasquale's advice.  He had some advice about getting clear fixation cards, among other things.  Also, hopefully we'll soon be seeing some more mature Vivid Vision software now that commercial VR is available.