Saturday, April 29, 2017

Getting more depth and notice energy effects

Well, I'm still writing in this thing and I'm still noticing changes in my vision.

Today I used a bit of four diopter prism, no prism, and two diopter prism.  I noticed as I was doing the exercise that I'm still actively processing and learning how to do the exercise--partly because my relationship to the exercise continues to change.  As I get to the next level, I realize that there's a different way of doing it.

I'm definitely noticing energetic effects in particular as of late.  I get way better performance when I'm properly rested.

I actually noticed that I'm doing better at Vivid Vision games, and the depth is getting better and stronger in some of the games.  I'm really noticing the changes.  I'm inching along.  As long as I make progress, I'm happy.  Plus, I really can't stop now.  I get the sense that vision therapy is a binary outcome endeavor.  You should either go all the way with vision therapy or not do it at all.  If I stop now, then I'll have this really distracting diplopia forever--or until suppression gets rid of it.  It's imperative that I have this other eye under full control.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Very substantive prism progress

Things are still moving forward.

There hasn't been much change in the regimen.  Still doing 12 minutes of fixation cards, eight minutes of modified Brock String, 20 minutes of Vivid Vision.

Things appear to be getting more vivid in Vivid Vision.  The fixation cards--I did it yesterday with no prism at all.  My level might be two diopters, but I seem to be able to do fine with zero prism.  So the eyes must be straightening out in order for this to be true.

I do still see some misalignment in the eyes, but it really depends on the time of the day as well as energy levels.  Sometimes the eyes look really good, particularly when I'm well rested.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Crazy week

It's been a crazy week.  Crazy, but good.

It's been a week where I was noticing improvements almost every day through the week.

For one thing, I noticed that I stopped using my glasses when using my computer at work.   I just felt like they were unnecessary, and I could actually see better without them.

I've also noticed that around afternoon, my vision feels quite a bit more 'on'--like I'm using both eyes more and more.  At times I get a sense of some rivalry because teaming isn't yet perfect, and yet, suppression has gone down quite a lot.  I noticed that around Tuesday I think, as I'm looking around the office.  Then as the days went by, I noticed that I was getting into this state earlier and earlier into the day.  Changes are definitely occurring.  It's hard to know for sure whether they're positive, but I think they are.

A few weeks ago I noticed that was I looked at my security alarm panel on the wall in the distance, and then block the left eye's view of the security alarm with  my thumb, I notice that I see the thumb and the security alarm superimposed on each other.  In other words, they're blending with each other.  It's like both the security alarm and my thumb are translucent.

I'm doing the fixation cards with prisms, modified Brock String, and Vivid Vision.  Sometimes I use four diopter prism with the fixation cards, sometimes it's seven, depending on the day, and depending on how much sleep I go.

I don't know.  It really feels like things are happening now.  It's pretty damn exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking.  How much longer do I have?  Can't say.  I don't know.  I'm just riding this wave.