Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still making decent progress

Yeah, it seems that I've had a decently productive month.  I'm noticing quite a bit less suppression.  Particularly with up close objects.

I've been sticking to my normal regimen which consists of this: about 5 minutes of standing on my head.  I found a much easier way of doing it, which is against the wall and I use my meditation cushion for my head so it's not on bare linoleum.  After I can't bear it any longer, I quit that.  Then I strap on the electrodes to o1 and o2 and continue playing Diplopia.  I've stopped playing the Breaker game, and have focused exclusively on Space.  I do that for 20 minutes, and then I'm done.

I've noticed that in the past week in particular that Space looks quite a bit more stimulating.  The asteroids are really getting into my face.

It's been almost a year since I started using Diplopia, so it's definitely taking more time to work its magic on me than it has for many others.  There could be many reasons for that.  I tend to think that I have a brain which is less plastic on average than others.  I learn slower than average, but I also tend to not forget things once I've learned them.  My brain is hard, which perhaps means that vision therapy is going to take more time for me, and it's going to require a higher level of stimulation.  If this was true, it might explain why meditation has helped quite a lot.  Meditation facilitates a higher level of brain function.

I'm sort of now just enjoying watching the process, not at all stressed about the outcome.  Kind of like, 'Oh wow, I haven't seen/experienced that before.  This is pretty cool.'  Heh, perhaps not being so concerned with the outcome has a positive effect on my progress.  That is a thing which I notice about life in general: being unconcerned with the outcome will very often result in a better outcome.  This is probably most true with love and relationships, but I think it's generally true.

Anyway, I've been extremely busy with my new job and haven't been able to participate as much with the group (DIY Vision Therapy).  But I do follow it.  It looks like Benjamin is doing very well.  I suggested that we do another Skype/Hangout and I'll post an update on his progress here as well.

Ciao per ora