Saturday, April 29, 2017

Getting more depth and notice energy effects

Well, I'm still writing in this thing and I'm still noticing changes in my vision.

Today I used a bit of four diopter prism, no prism, and two diopter prism.  I noticed as I was doing the exercise that I'm still actively processing and learning how to do the exercise--partly because my relationship to the exercise continues to change.  As I get to the next level, I realize that there's a different way of doing it.

I'm definitely noticing energetic effects in particular as of late.  I get way better performance when I'm properly rested.

I actually noticed that I'm doing better at Vivid Vision games, and the depth is getting better and stronger in some of the games.  I'm really noticing the changes.  I'm inching along.  As long as I make progress, I'm happy.  Plus, I really can't stop now.  I get the sense that vision therapy is a binary outcome endeavor.  You should either go all the way with vision therapy or not do it at all.  If I stop now, then I'll have this really distracting diplopia forever--or until suppression gets rid of it.  It's imperative that I have this other eye under full control.

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