Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#94 session

Hmm, Columns went well.  I did them for 20 minutes.  They're not really tired now.  I just try to give each saccade my full attention for the duration of each beat.  One of the things I'm now doing when I do the diagonal sheet is when I get to the middle parts, it's easy for me to see and notice both pairs of symbols simultaneously.  When I get to that part it feels like I'm getting close to the idea of the whole exercise.  So when I'm fixing on one half of the pair, the other side drifts a little, even though I can see both pretty clearly.  And when I saccade over to the other half of the pair, the other half starts to drift a little.  So I fix on one half, I try to pay attention to the other half simultaneously so that it doesn't drift around so much, so that it stays put, as if it's a whole picture.  I'm getting better at that.  The whole idea is to make it all one scene, even though it's a construction of both eyes whose input is completely separated.  So that's getting better.

Special Tetris went well.  There was some cyclodeviation.  I'm not noticing much difference between the different sessions for now.  I'm just putting in my time... putting in the old 'college try', whatever the hell that expression means.  I think I got it right.

I switched the light tube over to the dark red Alpha Omega filters, which was nice.  There was an initial difference in accommodation between the two eyes, but as time went on, that difference diminished.

I am continually noticing small incremental improvements in my perception of depth nearly every day.  Now I'm starting to notice it when I look at, say, my legs.  My body seems more solid.  So that's good.  It's not stopping.  It's good for morale.  I'll just keep going as long as my morale is in good condition.  But knowing me, I'll probably keep going regardless.


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