Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#106 session

Today was a really 'good eye' day.  I noticed it yesterday as well, but today was even better.  I'm seeing more detail and more depth to a new extent.  I wonder if it's the new stress of the new job, or if the job has forced me to change my schedule.  But there are a number of things that I've been doing differently in the past few days.
  • I've been doing an hour or more of yoga every day after work at the gym.  Yoga is freaking brutal if you're a somewhat big guy like me (I'm about 200 lbs).  I also feel incredibly good when I'm done.
  • I'm doing light tube exercises once a day for 40 minutes instead of twice a day for 20 minutes at a time.
  • I stopped playing Special Tetris (at least for now).  
  • I do Columns for about five minutes in the morning and for about 20 minutes when I do my evening exercises.  
Columns keeps getting better and better.  The whole scene is much more solid and doing the exercise feels more natural than before.  When I hop around from letter to letter on the star-shaped sheet while trying to pay attention to the whole star, I'm noticing that when I fix on a letter with my left eye, the letters and whole scene that I'm seeing simultaneously with the right eye is much more solid, and 'there'.  

Bouncy can still improve quite a bit.  When I look to the right, I do get some esotropia still.   Saccades went alright as well.  

The light tube is going great lately.  There was some initial resistance against the hypetropia, but it went away as the session continued.  The light is still getting quite a bit brighter, and the difference in accommodation between each eye is definitely very significantly going down as a result of me focusing on relaxing, and only putting in the bare minimum amount of effort in order to get the fixing eye to accommodate as it should.  

Tomorrow--Alpha Delta filters.  It's definitely a rollercoaster. Just the other day I was demoralized as all hell.  Now I seem to be doing alright again.  

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