Friday, September 13, 2013

#96 session

I'm becoming more convinced that Columns is a great exercise--although I no longer do it the way that you're supposed to do it.  I've improvised and adapted it for my own purposes.  I do five or six go-throughs with the regular column sheet, and then I go to the star-shaped columns sheet.  Then I go through all of the rows once, and then I start going back and forth in the center of the star.  I'm constantly fixing on one side and then switching to the corresponding side according to the metronome beat, but while I'm doing that, I'm trying to pay attention to the entire scene, using my peripheral vision.

In the very center, you'll see SEA.  I'll saccade back and forth between S and A.   When I fix on the S with my lazy eye, I'll do my best so that I can see the EA with the regular eye.   This is not a natural thing for me to do, but I've been getting much better at it.  Then when I fix on the A, I try to make it so that I can see the S just as well as I could see the EA in the previous beat of the metronome.  I'll stay in that area for most of the duration of the exercise and try saccading to random areas which are separated by the divider.

I'm getting much better at that exercise, and it seems to occur at the same time that I'm seeing quite a bit more in the past few days.  Even when I drive, it seems I can see nearly everything simultaneously--all of the mirrors.  All subjective indicators look positive.

I just did Special Tetris again with the filters inverted so that my lazy eye sees the stacked blocks and the fixing eye sees the falling blocks.  It was much better than the previous day, and there was significantly less suppression.

The light tube went well.  There's still some difference in the accommodation in each eye.  Today and the past days I've been fighting the hypertropia quite a bit.


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