Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#100 session

Yaaa, session #100... w00t... :(.... :(................ shit.

Columns did go well though.  When I saccade from eye to eye, I am noticing less of a difference in the difficulty in order to be able to see a whole picture.  So things are improving on that front.

Special Tetris.... yeah, the only thing I'm really noticing is less suppression as time goes on.  I am seeing some cyclodeviation, but it's harder to control because when the falling pieces slide past the stacked pieces, it's hard to see the cyclodeviation very precisely as a result of the suppression.   That will change once I reverse the filters again next week.

I went to the bright green/yellow Mu Delta filters for the light tube today, which was nice.  Every go-around with the light tube it appears differently.  So even though I'm now at #100, I'm not too bothered.  As long as I see steady progress that's what's important to me.  In fact, when I look at my eyes today, I saw hardly any hypertropia at all.  Last night when I took pictures, it was significantly lower than I'd seen it before.  There was some of the accommodation difference, but it's changing; it's becoming less and less.

I also did Bouncy and saccades.  Bouncy was actually better than it was yesterday.  Nice!  There was less perceived hypertropia, and it feels like I am on track to getting to see just one ball.


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