Friday, September 27, 2013

#109 session

Columns went alright.  I decided to increase the tempo to around 97 bmp on the metronome.  It seemed to increase the load of the workout.

Bouncy and saccades went alright.

Light tube, again, was pretty good.  I spent a pretty good chunk of the time fully accommodated.  Hopefully I'll soon be able to make that 100% of the time.

As far as Bouncy and saccades go, I might try to do some tranaglyph exercises to increase my divergence ability, especially on the extreme right.

Now that I have insurance as well, I might see about getting contact lenses.  I suspect that I may have some slight accommodation insufficiency.  If I can get both of my eyes on the same page as much as possible, it should make fusion simpler.  This is one of the things that Heather said that her doctor had her do.

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