Friday, September 20, 2013

#103 session

Columns went alright.  It is getting easier.

Special Tetris was fine.  It's improving.  I've been focusing a bit more on trying to get the pieces into focus.

Bouncy and saccades went well.  Bouncy is so fast.  I try to not tilt my head since that's my tendency, and then I get some hypertropia (i.e., the left double image ball goes down).  But even without tilting, I'm able to get it more even.  Saccades are looking really freaking good.

Light tube--I'm focusing on getting both double images in focus.  It turns out that I can do it, which is actually sort of a big deal.

I know there was a sort of debate going on in my FB group as to whether you should focus on motor fusion or sensory fusion first.  Emanuele stresses focusing on sensory fusion as a starting point, and then building on whatever fusion ability you may already have.  I should try adding some sensory fusion exercises, especially now that my peripheral vision is getting quite good.  I just wonder what some sensory fusion exercises are.  I know that I've been playing quite a bit of Alien Breed in stereo 3d on my computer lately.  Perhaps that can count as a sensory fusion exercise?  I'll do some research.


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