Thursday, September 26, 2013

#108 session

It was another good day, although probably not as good as yesterday.  I have a feeling that, based on how exercises went today, that I will notice some changes tomorrow.

Columns was good.  Today it was particularly stable as I jumped around the middle of the star.  The was significantly less correction required.

Bouncy was quite good actually.  I'd started experimenting by tilting my head to the left and right to see what impact that had on the double vision.  It really didn't have a big impact, which is a positive indicator.  After all, when a binocularly normal person tilts his head to the left or right he doesn't suddenly get diplopia.  But people with strabismus often do have an unconscious head tilt they implement in order to avoid diplopia.  So the fact that tilting my head one way or another doesn't have a big impact on diplopia is a positive indicator.

Saccades as eh... that feels like it's regressing a little.  I'm starting to experience lag again when I saccade to the right.  That's something which had nearly disappeared when I was doing Special Tetris. So maybe the fact that I temporarily stopped doing Special Tetris is why saccades aren't as good.  I don't know.  But I do know that I saw quite a bit of overall improvement when I stopped.  Maybe it's because Special Tetris was decreasing the efficacy of the other exercises; maybe it's because Special Tetris is so intense that it requires taking breaks from it... and then when your body recuperates it's better than before.  Who knows.

Light tube went really well--again.  It took a minute or so to get the double images accommodated.  I feel like that process is speeding up.  I did resist some hypertropia today.  It can be quite a struggle trying to maintain accommodation on both eyes, while keeping track of vergence while correcting for hypertropia.  But when I let one of those facets relax for a moment, I sometimes get a big blast of magenta light come through.  I can feel the channels widening, letting more light through into the visual cortex.  It's a great feeling.

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