Sunday, September 29, 2013

#110 session

Today was another good eye day.  It was really pretty amazing how good my eyes felt.  I could feel the lazy eye doing more work and behaving more like a regular eye.  And also, I could see quite a bit more.  It's not stereopsis, but it was quite a spectacle.  It was really nice looking around.  I'm wondering if it has to with the fact that I got pretty intoxicated yesterday.  I mentioned back maybe a month ago that heavy drinking maybe once a month might be beneficial as it possibly makes it easier for the to ignore brain to ignore old pathways.  In my experience, after a heavy night of drinking, I'll notice positive changes in my vision the very next day.  Of course, other than rare episodes of sporadic drinking, I hardly drink at all.  Alcohol is basically a pretty destructive drug, unless used in moderation.  In fact, the damage it does to dendrites is perhaps why it can be useful.

Columns went very well.  I think speeding up the metronome was a very good idea.  I have it going to to 120 beats per minute when I do the normal columns sheet.  When I go to the star-shaped sheet, I move it back to 92 beats per minute.  It's working better and I'm getting better at making it seem like a whole picture even though they're two images separated by a barrier between my eyes.  It's hard to say whether it's the Columns which is improving the Columns, or if it's the light tube that's improving the Columns.  Honestly, I think it's the light tube, but probably both.

Bouncy went very well.  It's good to have that pair of exercises to cover both saccadic and smooth pursuit movements.  It was initially a bit tough, but I tilted my head to load the activity, and while I couldn't get rid of the hypertropia and esotropia, after a few minutes it was nearly gone.  I think this is a good exercise.  Saccades went well.  There is still the lag on the right side, but it's awesome pretty much nearly everywhere else.

The light tube was great.  It took nearly only a minute to get both of the images accommodated for, so it is a process that is continually getting better and more refined.  Eventually, there will be no waiting at all, I imagine.  I did have to pay attention pretty much the entire time to make sure that the double images stayed accommodated.  The light did get extremely bright.  When it does this, I get excited.  Anyway.  Good stuff.

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