Sunday, September 15, 2013

#98 session

Columns went well.   I'm seeing quite a bit more as a result of that exercise, I'm sure.

Special Tetris went well.  I haven't gone back to the normal cyan/red way of looking at it yet.  I'm still doing red/cyan because it's still quite a bit challenging.  It's a very different sensation from the other way around because the stacked pieces are like a background, especially when they take up a large part of the screen.  And since the lazy eye is what sees the stacked pieces, and since what the lazy eye sees tends to drift around it's a bit disorienting, because it's like the whole world is moving around.  But lately that's been improving a lot, so it's become much more stable.  And also, the suppression is apparently going down quite a bit.  I think Special Tetris may be working better as an antisuppressive this way when looking through the filters as red/cyan (assuming that your left eye is your lazy eye).

The light tube went alright.  I was able to get the lazy eye image in clear focus much quicker today, probably because I paid special attention to it.  One of the weird things that I noticed early on in my vision therapy exercises is that the input from one of my eyes appears to be bigger (the lazy eye).  I noticed that initially when I was doing the Brock String.  I was really wondering why that was, but then I suddenly realized.  It's because of how I was tilting my head (probably as a result of my hypetropia).  The left eye was actually closer to the beads than my right eye.  I tilted my head the other way, and sure enough, the right-side image of the bead then got bigger by comparison.  The reason I mention that is because in my Facebook group I heard of a new condition called aniseikonia.  Aniseikonia is a condition in which one of the double images appears larger than the other.  I wonder how many people think they have aniseikonia, but in reality, one eye is just closer to the object in question than the other.

Yeah, I was thinking about that when I was doing light tube earlier today.  I was like 'hmm, the left-side image looks bigger... oh yeah...' and then I fix my gaze and then it appears normally.


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