Saturday, August 31, 2013

#83 session

The light tube went pretty well.  It almost seemed a little backtracky, but I'm sure that's an abberation.  I didn't do any VT last night.  It felt like a productive workout.  Sometimes I know that whatever workout I'm doing is effective just by the feeling that I have with my lazy eye.  I can feel the lazy eye doing work, or having extra information pouring in, widening the channel.  Today's session was like that even though nothing visually was particularly different or interesting.

Special Tetris went well.  I keep myself pretty far away from the screen now, leaning back in my chair.  I still sometimes get the stacking and falling pieces misaligned and then I get the feedback when the falling piece finally lands.  That still happens, but it's pretty uncommon now.

And yeah, I definitely have control over the perception of cyclodeviation.  Interestingly, even though it's my perception that the lazy eye is the eye that's twisted, I can untwist the image by doing things with my right fixing eye.  Perhaps that's the eye that's twisted.  Again, I don't know whether I'm untwisting the eye, or if I'm doing nothing with the muscles and it's all image correction done with the brain.  I think it's more likely a muscle thing.  Regardless, the more control I can get, the better, and the more confidence that I have that I'm eventually going to achieve my goals.  You know?  If I can practices these movements so that they become automatic, I won't have to think about it, and my eyes will eventually work like a normal person's with no thought involved at all.

Another thing that tells me that things are moving right along is that I started doing an old exercise that I hadn't done in a while.  It's an exercise I use for tracking.  It's an HTML5 Canvas demo.  When you open it up, you'll see a blue ball bouncing around the screen.  What I do is I adjust Chrome's rendering so that the bouncing ball takes up the entire screen, and then I just track the bouncing ball.  I hadn't done this exercise in perhaps months.  But now when I do it, I can see very clearly how far I've come.  I can track the ball with both eyes almost perfectly.  Before, I had a huge amount of hypertropia which caused one of the double images to appear much lower than the other.  But now the hypertropia is almost entirely gone.  Another thing is that I still get some diplopia so I don't have a single image of the blue ball; there is still some diplopia, but I notice that in the area where the double images overlap, that the blue is a lot more blue, which means the brain is summing the input together.  So doing this has given me a big morale boost.  The stuff I'm doing is working.  It's hard to know when you do it on a day-to-day basis, but every once in a while, you get opportunities to step back and see just how far you've gone.

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