Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#73 session

Good stuff, good stuff.

I can't say things were different in the light tube than from yesterday.  Things look bright and clear while I'm looking at the bright yellow green circle.  There's the accommodation mismatch still, but it does seem to be going down, even if I can't tell a big difference from it and yesterday.

What is interesting to me is Special Tetris.  I've changed my routine a bit so now I'm back to doing 40 minutes of light tube per day, but now I'm doing something like 2-2.5 hours of Special Tetris.  It is challenging, and I am quickly getting better at it.  One of the things that I recently discovered is that it is very difficult to stare at the falling pieces with strong intensity.  This is because that is my lazy\non-fixing eye.  I am fixing on the stacking blocks.  But the beauty of filtering in this way is that it's much easier to sort of force the lazy eye to become a fixing eye as well, because all you have to do is give the falling pieces all of your attention as you would on any object in normal life, but in this case, you're constrained on doing that with only your weak eye.

When I realized that, I started intensely staring at the falling pieces, and I realized that something was definitely happening--it was like my lazy eye was twitching and sort stuttering as if it was struggling to pass the extra information through a narrow channel.  I think if I keep at it with the level of intensity that I am focusing with, I will make very rapid progress.  I know I've said this before, but this time I mean it.  Man... having two fixing eyes... that will be an entirely new experience.  Imagine having two lazy eyes.  That would suck!

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