Friday, August 30, 2013

#82 session

It's good.  I did significantly fight against hypertropia when I did the light tube.  The accommodation difference between the two eyes is still there, but it's getting smaller.  I'm thinking I might do the Alpha Delta filters a bit longer after Saturday.  They do seem to be particularly useful when I do them.  I seem to notice more progress when I use those magenta filters than I do with other filters.  I know that I can notice the accommodation difference more easily with them than with other filters, so that perhaps it's easier for me to make the correction.

Special Tetris went well.  I've been hitting it extremely hard lately.  I've been doing 1.5 hours every morning, and usually 45 minutes sometime before I go to bed.  Last night I did another 1.5 hours. So yeah, some days I do something close to four hours of vision therapy.

I didn't mention this before, I don't think, but it does seem that I have some ability to control my cyclodeviation.  I'm not sure how I do this, other than I just will to untwist one of the images.  I'm not even sure which.  Am I doing this by controlling oblique rectus muscles in isolation?  I don't know.  It doesn't seem impossible.  I know some people have some really weird control over parts of their body that they really shouldn't have control over.  But I like the thought that I might be able to control eye torsion along with the independent accommodation of each eye, along with vergence.

I should probably do some saccades sometime today.

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