Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#80 session

Today, I noticed that it's getting difficult to see whether there is any accommodation difference between each eye when I'm looking into the light tube.  That is pretty remarkable because accommodation differences between each eye is particularly noticeable with these Alpha Delta filters.  Also, the last few days of light tube have been very stressful again--trying to correct for hypertropia and alignment.  This is because I'm again engaging the brain at an unprecedented level, so whatever misalignment which exists is very noticeable.  I've also noticed that while looking at the pictures that I'm taking of my eyes that the alignment is still diminishing quite a bit.

It seems as though progress is occurring at a very rapid rate as we speak.  I am going to just ride this wave out.

As for Special Tetris--I think a lot of my recent progress is due, in no small part, to this beautifully simple game.  Granted, I've been attacking it hard.  I've been doing it for around 2.25 hours per day.   1.5 in the morning, and another 45 minutes sometime before I go to bed.

I've figured out a simple way to load the game (make it more challenging): play it from farther away.  This requires more motor control of your eyeballs in order to get the pieces fully lined up.  By doing this, I've made the game very significantly more difficult.  The workout yesterday was brutal as all hell.  What I've noticed is that lining up the pieces is a lot harder on some places of the screen than it is on others.  In some places, the pieces want to be misaligned.  This is when you need to implement conscious control and be aware of when you're going to have to do correction.  This is very stressful, especially when you're doing it from afar (your face around two feet from the screen).  I can feel my lazy eye working its ass off.  I can tell that the next time I play it's going to be easier and my control is going to be better.

When I feel myself having a workout like that, I can tell that I'm going to notice changes the next day.  And indeed I have.   I'm getting more and more depth every day.  s'good.

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