Friday, August 23, 2013

#76 session

Today's session went well.  There's nothing interesting to say about the light tube.  It's pretty effortless.  There's hardly any effort that goes into hypertropia correction at all.  Most of my energy and concentration goes into accommodating both images at the same time.  My fudging method has changed quite a bit.  I don't know how to explain it, but I almost squint my fusing eye, and I really try to 'feel' the eye in order to get it to accommodate at the same time as the lazy eye.  Things are going really well.  The accommodation difference is almost gone and it feels as though fusion is imminent, perhaps another two or three weeks.

The other day I did some saccades, and man, that was bananas.  It's totally different from before I had started Special Tetris.  The speed is numbing.

As for Special Tetris itself--it's getting better and better.  I can line up the lines from the stacking and falling pieces with each other, which is an indicator of improving accuracy and motor control of the lazy eye.  

As for things I'm noticing...

  • I think my cyclodeviation actually changes from clockwise to counterclockwise depending on the angle at which I'm looking at things.  
  • Effortless divergence ability seems to have been unlocked in the past few days.  It's much easier to pull the double images together since now the lazy eye is much less lazy.  This means that it also needs more restraint and discipline.  
  • I'm beginning to notice more rivalry between the two eyes.  I always read with my fixing eye, but it may be soon that I'm able to read with the input of my lazy eye.  
I'm pretty excite.  

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