Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#74 session

The light tube went well.  It was about the same as yesterday.  The discrepancy in accommodation from each eye to the other is still diminishing.  I wonder whether it's a result of having added Special Tetris to the mix.

I think around 1.5 hours a day of Special Tetris is all I need.  It's around that point that I hit a wall, and my lazy eye gets really tired.  I am continually getting better at it.  I notice that I can load the task a bit by viewing the screen obliquely and from different angles.  I'm starting to get the point where it's feasible to line up the lines with the falling piece and the surrounding stacking pieces as the motor control gets better.  It's definitely a strong exercise.  My lazy eye is quickly getting much stronger as a result of this game.  In fact, I did saccades last night for the first time in five to six days, and I was amazed at how different it was.  It was almost jarring how fast I was able to move the lazy eye.

That's about it.

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