Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#79 session

Weird, it looks like I forgot to journal yesterday.

The light tube is getting noticeably better every day.  I could be another month away.  I think the Special Tetris is helping with it, honestly.  Especially with the new Alpha Delta filters, it's bright as all hell.

Special Tetris was brutal today.  I figured out a way to load the activity: Play Special Tetris from farther away.  Then in order to get all of the lines lined up from the stacking and falling pieces, you need even better motor control of the lazy eye.  After 45 minutes, I was exhausted, but I forced myself to do another 45 for a total of 1.5 hours.

I expect to see some changes later on in the day with my vision.

I noticed yesterday when I went out for my daily walk that the control of my lazy eye is getting really good.  My conscious control has hit a level that I didn't expect, but controlling it is still a conscious act.

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