Sunday, August 18, 2013

#71 session

Today I switched back to the light yellow-ish green Mu Delta filters, which was nice.  It's so different looking into the light with those filters than anything else.  You see so much more.  I was able to get both streams pretty well accommodated for, albeit, it's not particularly long lasting--otherwise, I would be fusing this text as I am writing it (I'm not.  I can see the out of focus lazy eye input ghosting along as I read it.).

After that I did an hour and a half of our special Tetris.  It worked pretty well, I have to say.  I am getting quite good at it, and I can see pretty fast results.  It is my guess that this exercise in conjunction with the light tube, things should move along quickly.  I'll probably do some saccades later on today.

Also, I didn't get stereopsis like I'd hoped last week--that was pretty stupid.  I could be another month or two away.  I should just stop trying to anticipate altogether.

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