Monday, August 19, 2013

#72 session

Yeah, I'm getting up there.  Session #72.  Things are going well.  One of the things that's different about the light tube for me is that the sessions are no longer strenuous.  There's no perceived need for correcting for the hypertropia.  So that's nice.  I don't know whether that's related to the fact that I'm now playing Special Tetris a lot.  Light tube is easy, even though there's still an accommodation mismatch that I've been trying to correct by being relaxed and trying to get the fixing eye accommodated.  People have been telling me to relax a lot when I made that post where I talked about how much strain I put into trying to get both eyes to accommodate while fusing.  But yeah, the difference is still getting smaller.  So I'm still progressing at a pretty quick rate.

I played Special Tetris for another hour and a half today.  I think it's possible that it may be the best conceivable feedback device there is.  It's doing something more than just antisuppression.  It's giving you very quick and valuable feedback.  If you're not using your eyes together in perfect synchrony, there will be no mistaking it.  I've been doing my best to see the whole game as a single super image.  I generally do not push the pieces down.  I just let them drift downward and I try to pay attention to the space between the falling pieces and the stacked pieces around it, and pay attention to how the space in between the pieces and the pieces themselves related to one another.  The spaces between the pieces themselves are geometrical patterns.  By noticing the correct space patterns, you're aligning the eyes, and using both eyes very intensively.

One of the things that I've noticed is that there are certain areas where the pieces fall where the falling piece fades a little.  I think this is the suppression.  Anyway.  It's a good workout.  And actually--I'm pretty tired.  It's definitely a big boy exercise.

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