Thursday, August 29, 2013

#81 session

The light tube wasn't particularly interesting.  It wasn't as stressful as the other day, but it's still a pretty good workout for the most part.

Special Tetris went well.  I have been experimenting with different ways of playing it.  It seems when I look at it dead straight and when there's a falling pieces somewhere in the middle of the screen, that requires a lot of effort to track.  I've also experimented with looking at the screen obliquely in hopes to make the game more challenging.  I notice more esotropia when I am looking at the falling pieces from higher up on the screen.  That may be a place to give more future focus.  Regardless, the game is still challenging, and I notice a different feel in my eyes as the timer continues.  The movement begins to feel more rigid, if that makes sense.  I am looking forward to stereopsis.

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