Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#53 session

I am excite!

Things are a movin'.  The light tube exercise doesn't seem particularly different from the previous days. I'm continually refining the fudging method.  It's very similar to weightlifting.  You try to give yourself as big of a stimulus as possible.  The best results are gained not via pumping through as many pull-ups as possible, but rather, to give the muscles the greatest possible stimulus.  This means that you should do pull-ups slowly.  Slowly pull yourself up, and slowly let yourself back down.  Correspondingly, when you fudge, you do it slowly.  Make both of the image sharp, and slowly pull the lazy-eye image closer to the fixing-eye image.  Keep the focusing pressure on the lazy-eye image, and slowly bring it closer, and back it off.  Bring it closer, slowly.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I don't do this continuously, but rather, I take breaks.  When I take breaks, I let the images lie on top of one another and I look at them 'softly'.  I find that when I do this, immediately after I fudge (I have to figure out a new word for that), that the two images together are particularly bright.  It's amazingly bright.

It's weird.  When I focus both of the images together, they appear to exist in two different layers.  If you're familiar with using Photoshop, you'll know what I mean.  One layer is clearly on top of another.  But in my case, while I know that the visual input is on different layers, I don't know which is on top of which.

Anyway, things are going great.  When I look around now, I notice that the double images are getting closer to one another.  They're now very close.  It's hard to imagine that I'm not very close to achieving my goals.  I just keep doing what I'm doing.  I can't be much more than a month away.  Let's see... I'm now at session #53... if I reach my goals by session #100, I will be very happy.  And that's a very conservative estimate.

Saccades went splendidly.  They were the best yet!!!   Yes, they're still getting better.  Eventually--pahh--it's just hard to believe that I've gotten to this point and that I may get to the point at which there's no correction required when I jump from one target to another.  I just wonder what that's going to be like.  But anyway... this session was like--there was no real effort required to move to the bottom right.  There was a minimal amount of lag, and I'm jumping to the target with less and less requirement for correction.  I just wonder where I'm going to be in a week's time.

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