Thursday, July 18, 2013

#41 session

Today was a good eye day.

Light tube exercises in the morning and evening fought against the hypertropia quite a bit.  After about ten minutes or so the fighting becomes less and less noticeable.  In the evening I noticed that the accommodation out-of-sync problem seems to be diminishing.  I've been getting these quick glimpses and insights during the day as to what is ahead of me.  It's astonishing to think about how good vision can be.

The saccades were particularly good this evening.  They might have been the best yet.

Today while walking around the building and comporting myself as usual at work I noticed that vision is changing.  Things are beginning to appear differently.  There's more information coming in.  It goes to show how fast progress is occurring that I notice changes in my vision every day.  That, or how sensitive I've become to changes in my vision.  I prefer to think the former.

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