Sunday, July 14, 2013

#37 session

Yesterday I finished the whole prescription of doing one filter per week for all four filters.  Today I am starting over again with the dark red Alpha Omega filters.

Immediately, I remembered how dark and deep the red is.  It's sort of pleasant.  The hypertropia revealed itself, although it wasn't hard to correct at all.  The one thing that had my attention is the accommodation being out of sync.  With the Alpha Omega filters today, this was particularly noticeable.  The lazy-eye image was particularly blurry.  I worked hard to fudge it and get accommodation in both eyes in sync with one another.  Accommodation may be the last piece of the puzzle.

The saccades went well.  There was nothing noticeable.  It will probably be a few more sessions until I'm able to see more improvement.  One week at a time.

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