Friday, July 12, 2013

#35 session

This session, like the previous session, was easy.  I think they're probably going to stay easy now, which is remarkable.  If I'm guessing right, what I think this means is that antisuppression is going to now kick into high gear.  This is because since now I don't have to spend so much energy on correction, there's a lot left for other functions of vision.   My guess is that the light is going to get brighter and brighter.

It's been almost a week with the green filters, and I've seen massive progress.  The stereo effects when I play XCOM are getting very powerful, and I'm noticing that I'm getting stereo effects with increasingly distant objects.  Another thing I'm noticing is that the double images that I get as a result of my diplopia are getting closer together, even when I look to my right which is when the distance between the double images is typically the greatest.  Generally when I want to avoid diplopia and have both images sit properly on top of one another, I have to point my eyes to the left.  So when I go to theaters, I generally try to sit on the right side, so that I have to turn my eyes to the left.  But this requirement seems to be diminishing.

I thought that the magenta was going to be the most powerful because they were the most stressful.  But the different color filters do seem to have a real purpose.  The prescription keeps alternating from one week red, one week green.  Perhaps this is like Monday legs, Tuesday chest, Wednesday shoulders, etc.  The idea is that you're giving laser-like focus on building innervation from each nervous system for a week.  Then you switch nervous systems and give the other a rest.  You take turns.

My vision has definitely changed quite a bit in this week.  It is good.

Saccades went well.  There was nothing notably different about them today.  They are tiring.  They get more accurate around the eight minute mark.  Some days are better than others, but it does seem that roughly every three or four days I will have a session that's better than any other previous session.  So things are going extremely well so far.  I am sanguine.  It is also Friday.  I have to say that it has been an emotional rollercoaster.  I feel like a chick saying that, but in interest of full disclosure, it's true.

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