Thursday, July 25, 2013

#47 session

God damn...

Another session.  It was pretty much the same as the previous session.  It was strenuous, but not as bad.   I thought I had noticed something yesterday but I wasn't able to reproduce something.  Basically what I did was I changed my vergence in a controlled way so that the double images moved closer and farther away and then I observed the sharpness of each of the bright green circles.  Yesterday it seemed as though the sharpness of one of the circles changed as I moved them.  This would lend credence to the idea that vergence and accommodation occur in a single reflex.  As you change vergence, accommodation changes in accordance.

Basically what happened is I was able to get both of the circles sharp when they were far away from one another, but when I moved them on top of one another one of them got out of focus.  So what I did was I moved them back away from one another so that they would get back into focus.  It's weird because I've learned how to control each of these mechanical actions consciously to an extent--the accommodation of each eye in isolation along with vergence.   So I could get both of them sharp, and then, while trying to keep them both sharp, I move them closer to one another--this is what I call 'fudging'--because I'm forcing my accommodation vergence reflex to do something that it doesn't want to do.  But the hope is that by forcing this to occur that the reflex can be calibrated to work as it should--to fuse the images and have them both be sharp simultaneously.  Is this the correct thing to do?  Fuck if I know.  Also, fuck if that information exists anywhere.

One of the things that I noticed after I did this exercise yesterday is that when I switched over immediately to saccades, I couldn't get the monkeys into focus when I stared at them.  That changed a bit as the exercise progressed.

Last night when I went to bed something popped out at me.  I'm not sure.  Vision does seem to be improving.  One week at a time.

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