Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#52 session

It was a pretty good session.  In the beginning, the sharp double images were pretty far away.  But as the time went on, they got closer.  This seems to happen with most of my VT sessions.  Then when I start a fresh new session they're far away again.  Most likely, however, the double images are getting closer.   I am noticing improvement in my vision, it seems, almost every day.  Things begin to appear differently--more stereo-like.

Saccades went really well.  When I saccade to the bottom right, it's like there's no effort needed to bring my eye over there.  The only aspect which needs improvement is the lazy eye's accuracy.

I may have mentioned in previous entries that I've been taking pictures of my eyes roughly every day so that when I'm done, I can string all of the photos together in a timeline so that I can watch the alignment fix itself as time goes on.  I think that when I look at the photo timeline, I'll notice a spurt of improvement at around the time that I started implementing fudging in my light tube regimen.  I took a picture last night, and from what I could see, the hypertropia looks significantly better than it ever had before.  We'll see.

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