Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#46 session

This light tube session was actually very strenuous--it's funny how it changes from day to day.  Perhaps it's because each day the suppression is less, and that means that the brain engages the eye more, so that fighting the hypertropia becomes more of a chore.

Regardless, vision does seem to be improving as I look about the world.  It's like as the lazy eye moves around, it's carrying larger chunks of visual input with it.  I imagine what will happen is that those chunks of visual input will get larger and larger until it takes up my entire visual field at which point it fuses with the input of the normal eye.

In my quest, there's a recurring theme that keeps popping up for me.  It is this.  As I continue vision therapy and as I make progress with vision therapy, I find myself continually confronted with new choices for how I use my eyes.  This is particularly true if you're perceptive and you're continually looking for these choices to present themselves.  This happened to me yesterday.  As I was doing saccades I noticed that the double images were getting closer to one another--which is an indicator of progress since eventually the double images should be on top of one another at all times.  That's what fusing is.  Normally what happens is I saccade to the target with my normal eye and then let the lazy-eye image drift to the target.  Often, because the saccades are so fast, and because my eyes flit from one side of the screen to another, it's too quick for my brain to properly engage the lazy eye image to jump on target so the only image that reaches consciousness is that of the normal-eye image.

Well lately it occurred to me that this has to change.  That is not the way that a binocularly normal person does saccades.  So I'm putting in special effort to make it so that the images of both eyes reach consciousness as quickly as possible once they saccade to target.

I have the feeling that the reason why this is all taking so long is because there are a lot of things in the background that are being worked on.

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