Saturday, July 13, 2013

#36 session

As far as the light tube is concerned, this was quite easy.  Now that the effort needed to overcome my vertical misalignment is now almost negligible, I'm putting my focus on making the double images equivalent to one another: increasing the power of the lazy-eye image and trying to put them into clear focus simultaneously.  It's sort of hard to do.  It's almost like when I get the lazy-eye image into focus the other normal-eye image goes out of focus a bit.  So fudging it can take some effort.  It's interesting that as I progress my focus shifts to other aspects of vision.  This seems to be incontrovertible evidence that things are moving forward, leaving aside my subjective experience with improved vision.

The saccades went extremely well.  I slept like 11 hours last night because I slept like crap all week, because of the new job schedule.  This good sleep is probably why they went so well.  Moving my eyes to the extremes was easier than ever before.

It's moving along.  I find that it's helpful to not take vision therapy one day at a time, but instead, to take it one week at a time.  I always think to myself 'I wonder what things are going to look like one week from now.' because now noticeable improvement is something that I can now rely upon.  Even though the progress is so extremely fast, it's difficult to notice it on a day to day basis.  But on a week to week basis, it's different.  So every week I come back to the question: 'is there an overall improvement over last week?'.  Now that I've hit upon an effective regiment, the answer is always an emphatic Yes.  This, I find, is a good way to maintain a good morale.

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