Saturday, July 20, 2013

#42 session

One week at a time.  This seems to have been a good week.  I have one more session with the dark red Alpha Omega filters.  This whole week the fighting against the hypertropia seems to have come back.  It's again become very strenuous to make the images one. 

The saccades have improved quite a bit.  Overall, everything's improved quite a bit.  The main thing that I've noticed is not how I do the exercises, but rather, how the world looks as I go about my day.  Things are improving. 

Just a quick note about something I've noticed when doing the light tube exercises.  There are two ways that I can go about looking at the light.  One is by trying to look at it 'softly'.  This, I think, lowers the suppression, because when I look at things softly the lazy-eye image appears to be brighter.  The other way that I can look at the double images is by trying to laser focus my vision on both eyes simultaneously--trying to get both of the images in perfect focus--accommodating for both.  The idea for the first is to break through the suppression; the idea of the second is to get accommodation for both eyes in sync.  I'm not sure exactly which I want--well, I want both.  So I've been alternating between both gazes. 

I'm really curious to see what kind of impact this has on my anomalous correspondence.  I was talking with Lynn Gehl the other day and she was telling me about how the faux fovea can actually move.  I'm hoping this happens.  I'm hoping the part of the retina that the brain thinks is the fovea moves on top of the real fovea, and the suppression goes away, and I am able to have super sharp vision with both eyes as evolution intended.

One week at a time.

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