Saturday, June 15, 2013

#8 session

I think I'm on the right track with the regimen that I'm currently on: 20 minutes of light tube, ten minutes of saccades.  It may be premature saying this, but it feels like I hit on something.  I may be nearing the end of my VT journey.  It may be another month, or possibly a few weeks.  There really may be something to this Syntonics nonsense.  At the minimum, more studies should be done on its effects.  It's worth investigating.

This is my eight session so I swapped out filters from Alpha Omega to Mu Delta.   It's a light green filter, so the result is that the green circle I'm staring into is bright.  For about five minutes, I have pretty pronounced hypertropia on the left eye.  It takes quite a bit of effort to push the lazy-eye image upward (pushing the eyeball's pitch downward).  This may be a result of the fact that I didn't sleep well last night.   After ten minutes, I notice that it becomes easier to control, and I focus on mentally occupying my lazy eye.

There are few made-up techniques I use to do this.  One is that I mentally transport myself and mentally station myself exactly between the two eyes.  The other technique that I made up today is that I visualize two windows side by side to one another, each one representing an eye.  The right window shows the light and outside visual information.  The left side window represents my eye that is suppressing the input.  There are blinders on it.  Then I think of my mind as a sort of laser (wow, I'm a dork) that is knocking chunks of the blinders off.  Then I can correspondingly see the extra green light streaming in through the window.  I try to be detailed in the way that I visualize this, so that I can see green rays of light piercing through the irregular geometry of the holes in the blinders.  Then I visualize myself continually knocking chunks of blinder off the window so that I can see more with the other eye.

As the exercise continues, I suppress less and less, and the green input becomes more intense.  All of this takes quite a bit of mental energy because I'm processing and thinking about different things simultaneously, but it seems to work.  I'm definitely on the right track.

Also, the saccades that I did immediately afterward went rather well.  They seem to be improving noticeably every day.  If I haven't reached my goals by the end of the month long Syntonics course, I'll start over again because I'm making much faster progress with it than I did without it.  I'll just keep going until I stop noticing improvement.  Then I'll switch up the exercises and continue until I have success.

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