Friday, June 28, 2013

#21 session

Like yesterday, today's session was quite easy.  There was a period about five minutes in in which it was strenuous, but after the ten minute mark it was easy, and my focus was just to stare at that light through my lazy eye, trying to make it as bright and as real as possible.

Saccades went really well.  It was probably the best yet.  Saccading to the extremes was easier and faster than ever before.

Staring at the magenta light for 40 minutes a day really does jack with your system.  The mood swings are very real.  It basically pisses me off.  This makes sense because it's known that red light triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which is the system that is responsible for the fight-or-flight cascade in the body.  Maybe that's because red is the color of blood.  The fight-or-flight cascade in response to the sight of blood, averaged out in our ancestors over time, may have proved adaptive.  Or it could be a spandrel, a quirk in our nervous system which is a meaningless result of previous adaptations.

40 minutes is a really high exposure, and I suspect that it is very stressful to the body.  In fact, I've been sleeping quite a bit more than normal.  But the magenta filters do seem to be particularly helpful in wiring up the eye.

I think if I end up mentoring people with strabismus, one of the biggest things I will stress is the use of syntonics for fixing the eye's alignment.  This is because measuring alignment is relatively straightforward, and because there's little doubt that syntonics is extremely effective at straightening the eyes out.  It seems to me that alignment should be among the first things to work on because nothing else is going to work if the eyes aren't aligned.  Granted, I know that different aspects of the visual system are connected, so if you focus on antisuppression, it may indirectly help alignment.  Exercises focusing on different aspects of the system do seem to complement one another.  So a shotgun approach does seem to be a good idea.  But the beauty of syntonics is that it is a shotgun blast of many different exercises all in one.

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