Sunday, June 30, 2013

#23 session

It seems now I'm working on fine-tuning my lazy eye.  I still have hypertropia even though I don't notice it when I do the light tube.  When I look into the magenta circle the images lay on top of one another effortlessly, although the lazy-eye image still drifts about a little bit.  I suppose that's where the fine-tuning comes in.  Now I just need more time to let the brain turn on the lazy eye more and more.

Today is the day that I would have changed filters to dark green, but as I said before, I'm going to stick with magenta for another week.  Next Sunday I will change to dark green whether or not I have reached my goals.  This is because I believe the magenta filters are stressful to the body and I'm going to need some time to rest.

Saccades were still great.  They were effortless.  Just like the light tube, it's now just a matter of fine-tuning.  I am anxious about the cyclodeviation.  I am getting more anxious as I feel I am nearing the end.  What if I get very close to gaining stereopsis, but then progress stops?  One of the weird things is that I never had the ability to fuse and have success with hidden or object-array autostereograms, despite the fact that I do have some stereo ability.  I do pick up on stereo cues to an extent.  It is my hope that once my lazy eye's performance gets up to speed that autostereograms open up to me.

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