Sunday, June 23, 2013

#16 session

My vision is changing.  This is the second day with the Alpha Delta filters.  I'm amazed at how bright the magenta light is getting.

I was a little hungover when I did the exercise.  I drank a bit with my roommates last night.  I have noticed in the past that a heavy night of drinking can have an affect on vision progress in the next coming days.  It improves the progress.  It's often thought that drinking kills brain cells.  This isn't true.  It just damages the dendrites.  What I think it does is it shakes things up, so that old neural pathways are more easily forgotten, and newer neural pathways have to compete less.  So a heavy night of drinking maybe once a month may be beneficial.  Otherwise it's good to avoid alcohol completely.  It does seem to be the case for me.  That's bearing in mind that it's completely anecdotal evidence.

This session and the night before were pretty brutal.  It wasn't painful in the least, but it was stressful and tiring.  I notice that the light is continually getting brighter.  I'm amazed at how bright it is.  And also the way that I correct the hypertropia is changing.  I explained in previous entries how the lazy-eye-image keeps jumping up, drifts downward, and jumps back up continually.  Well that stopped.  My control is such that there's still a downward tendency, but I can keep it where it needs to be to avoid diplopia and it's no longer skipping.  That seems to be new.  Or it can be an artifact of being hungover.

Oh yeah, saccades.  They're still getting better.  They're almost perfect.  The only area where they're not quite there yet is the extreme right bottom and right top.

If I had to put a number on it at this point, I should have stereoscopic vision in around three weeks. I'll finish my month long syntonics course and I'll start over again.  Very likely it will be in my regimen until I've reached my VT goals.

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