Saturday, June 22, 2013

#15 session

There was nothing particularly notable about this session.  I swapped the filters out for Alpha Delta, which seem to filter the white light to magenta.  I just took a look at the last set of filters, Mu Epsilon, which is what I'm going to use next week.  They're just like Mu Delta--green--except a bit darker.  So each of the filters is either red or green.  Alpha Omega is dark red versus Alpha Delta.  Mu Epsilon is dark green versus Mu Delta.  Why they don't just say dark red, magenta, green, dark green, is something that I don't understand.  Maybe it's to make you not feel like such a sucker to spend $90 on these cheap cardboard filters.

It was a pretty bright red, compared to what I was used to seeing with the Alpha Omega filters.  There was some hypertropia, but it was easily controlled.  Nothing else to say about that.

I did saccades.  They went really, really well.  It's getting easier, like the effort required to do them is becoming less and less.

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