Monday, June 17, 2013

#10 session

The hypertropia was pretty strong for the first five minutes today, but it went down after that and was easily controlled.  I'm still focusing a lot on removing the blinders from the suppressing eye.  It's pretty amazing to me how much brighter it is when you're looking at a light with two eyes.  It's like BAM!  But at the same time, it's not dazzling.  It's just a little overwhelming.

I am noticing some of the symptoms of lowering suppression.  I am noticing the lazy-eye image quite a bit more.  It's not quite as sharp as the right-eye image.  Is that because of hyperopia on the lazy eye or anomalous correspondence between the two eyes?  Who knows.  Once this is all sorted out, I'm going to do another Bielschowski after-image test to see whether there is an remaining anomalous correspondence.

The saccades were pretty good.  The first few minutes weren't great, but as minutes went by they got a lot more accurate.

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