Monday, June 24, 2013

#17 session

This was a good session.  The hypertropia wasn't hard to correct.  The magenta light is still getting stronger as the wiring becomes more robust.  There is no more jumping.  The saccades were the best they'd ever been.  They were almost effortless.  They're not yet perfect on the extremes.  I notice that they're not perfect on the extreme left and right (up and down), but moving my lazy eye in that direction is no longer difficult.  I definitely feel like I hit the knee of the curve.

It's pretty exciting.  After thirty months of vision therapy I finally found something that works.  It's weird to think that through all this time it's going to finally happen.  There is a concern, however.  There is a small scratch in my mind that tells me that the cyclodeviation may complicate things.  But my hope is that the brain is flexible enough to deal with it.  If this works, I'm going to pimp the hell out of syntonics.  At this point, I'm still guessing about three more weeks.  We'll wait and see.

In a weird way this is all the doing of Tim Ferriss.  I'm a huge fan of the guy.  I recently got his 4-hour Chef book, which is a book about accelerated learning that is centered around cooking.  In the book he outlines a method for deconstructing skills so that you can focus bit by bit on the parts that matter the most.  In one of the areas he talks about interviewing people who are experts in whatever it is that you're interested in learning how to do.  He has a long list of extremely pointed and intelligent questions to ask.  The main idea is to learn about what they do versus everyone else.

I saw the brilliance in this and applied it to vision therapy.  So I started interviewing people.  The first person was Heather Essex Thomas.  I found out that she had success with something called a 'light tube'. I was thinking to myself 'what the hell is that?'.   What was interesting is how little time it took for her to have success with it.  It took ten sessions, which I thought was unbelievable because I'd done 30 months of vision therapy with very little success.  How could it be?  And yet, there she was, fully stereo capable.

So of course that piqued my interest.  I did more research on it, came to the conclusion that it was worth giving a try, and the rest is history.  In retrospect, it seems rather obvious to do what had finally occurred to me.  Ask someone for help who already had success with what it was that I was trying to get help with.  Oh well.

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