Saturday, June 29, 2013

#22 session

This session seems to mark a turning point.  When I looked into the magenta light, the hypertropia was almost non-existent.  There was almost no need for correction.  Just as I predicted, this enabled the brain to turn on the lazy eye more, so the result is that the input coming in from the lazy eye was brighter than ever before.  It's almost like the brain is saying 'ok, there's no longer a conflict between what each eye is seeing, so now we can turn up the volume on the other eye.'--the opposite of suppression.

This session was remarkably easy.  There was practically no need for correction.  I just focused as much as possible on flexing the muscle--turning on the lazy eye.  This is something that is difficult to explain.  It would have been difficult to explain to myself only a few months ago.  I talked about it a bit in previous entries.  But as you move along in vision therapy, you'll notice that you are continually faced with new choices for how you use your eyes.  You just have to be active and perceptive.  Then think about the choices, intellectualize them, and then make the best decision.  Remember that breaking old habits in favor of newer and better habits is what vision therapy is all about.

Saccades were, again, the best they'd ever been.  I'm noticing a trend here.  If I follow the trend to the conclusion, each saccade will be perfect in a few week's time.  That is, each eye will land where it's supposed to perfectly, with no need for correction.  It's hard not to get excited.  I talked with Michael about this, and I mentioned that I really need to tone it down.  But it's hard.  I'm so jacked up.

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