Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#11 session

Today was a productive session.  It seems as though the light coming into the lazy eye is continually getting brighter as its connection to my brain gets stronger.  I remember last night it seemed as though my hypertropia was worse than before because I was doing more conscious correction.  But I don't think it actually is worse.  I think I was just more aware of the hypertropia that is there because I'm continually occupying that eye more and more every day.  It's getting more sensitive to any small aberration that might be there.  In fact, I just got out of the bathroom where I looked at myself in the mirror.  The way that I gauge my hypertropia is by looking at myself in the eye in the mirror pitching my head downward so that I pitch my eyes upward in order to make eye contact with myself.  I find that this magnifies the appearance of any existing hypertropia, so this method works well as a means to gauge progress.  The hypertropia does seem to be diminishing very significantly.  I don't think it's reasonable to question whether it's happening any longer.

In case anyone wants to know what my hypertropia looked like before syntonics.  I think I'm 18 in that picture.  I'm now 29.

In a few weeks I'll post some before/after pictures for comparison.

The saccades were good.  I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but they're continually getting better.  That is, before I mentioned that sometimes when I saccade to the target with my lazy eye there's no need for correction and I will land on right on target.  Well, I guess the only difference now is the frequency with which I land right on target.  That number is increasing.  So there's not a lot to say other than that.  I am barely containing my excitement.  Fuck yeah.

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