Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#12 session

This was a brutal workout.  It was the most brutal session I'd had since the initial workout, although it wasn't painful like the first.  It seems weird that it's getting harder all of a sudden, but I think I might know what's going on.  I'm gaining more control of the lazy eye, and so any small aberration is much more noticeable and so I'm much more actively correcting it.  Since I'm more actively correcting the hypertropia, the workouts are a lot more exhausting, but also more productive.  So it seems as though my progress is not only occurring very quickly, but it's also accelerating.

The analogy that I have in my mind is that of a spinning quarter on a tabletop.  As it spins at high speed, it's quiet.  But as it slows down, gravity's pull on the quarter overcomes the spin, and the quarter begins to wobble.  As it wobbles, it gets louder, until it's wobbling on the chosen side, it gets almost violently loud, depending on the surface.  This is because there is a battle of forces until one of them wins over.  Gravity wins out over the kinetic spin energy in the coin and it ends in a loud dissipation of energy until silence.

Something like that is happening here.  There are two forces that are fighting with each other in my visual system.  You've got something like inertia, which wants to keep my eye hypertropic.  And then you've got my consciousness on the other and an ever-increasing control over the lazy eye, which wants to get rid of the hypertropia.   After the initial session, the exercises were easy.  But I was slowly developing wiring and control over the lazy eye.  Now I think it's building to a critical mass in which the lazy eye is starting to be able to compete with the regular eye and it's now becoming violent again, until hopefully, silence.

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