Saturday, November 12, 2016

More changes are happening and decreasing prism power

I noticed quite a few changes today.  My divergence seems to have improved a lot in the past week.

My divergence has improved such that I'm seeing it prudent to reduce the prism diopters from seven to four base in.  Heh.  I'd given up on that prism set that I bought from Ebay all those years ago.  Now they're coming in handy.  I seem to be able to get the double images easily on top of one another even with the four diopter prism.  This is, after all, what I had in mind about what stereopsis recovery would be.  Getting fusion with the help of prisms, training my brain to fuse, and then reducing the prism until I'm not using them at all.  It's just strange to see it actually happening.  For some reason I expected vision therapy would not work for me.  But it is apparently working for me.

I still don't quite yet have proper fusion.  The fixing is getting good, and appears to be improving.  Also, the accommodation mismatch is improving a lot.  I'm not sure.  It feels like I'm slowly but surely closing in on the problem.  What's a good analogy?  Imagine you're a novice chess player, and you're up against a grand master.  However, he only has his king, and you have a king and a queen.  You're going to win.  But he's going to dance around and be a pain in the ass, and make it evident about how clumsy you are, and how unfamiliar you are with the board.  It might take ten or fifteen minutes of awkward maneuvering, but eventually, you're going to figure it out and beat him.  I think that's where I am.  I'm fairly confident it's in the bag.  Time is on my side.  Vision is steadily improving.  The problem will eventually be squeezed out of position.

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