Sunday, October 25, 2015

More progress with Bubbles

It looks as though using the glasses for all close-up viewing has allowed my eyes to diverge much more easily, and thus, break out of the plateau.

I have noticed that my depth perception is improving.  I'm now significantly noticing that the game looks different, and that my suppression is decreasing in normal everyday viewing.  Today I got the highest score ever, 24208.  My 'note to self' from yesterday is helping.  Do not intellectualize what you're doing, and let the eyes do their thing.  Move things around until you find a useful configuration. 

I should mention that I recently got a Chilipad, which has helped my sleep tremendously.  Of course, having good sleep helps everything, not just vision training, but literally everything.  So that's something which does require mention.  If you're curious as to what it is, it's a pad/sheet thing that goes under your sheets.  It has tubes which carry water which goes to a cooling unit off the side of the bed which either gets cooled or heated, depending on your preference.  I keep it at around 60 degrees, and it's improved my sleep quality tremendously.  I don't remember ever having such high sleep quality--and consistently.  My days are now much more productive, enjoyable, and energy-filled.  

Morale is high.  I expect to see more changes in the coming week.  I expect the score to continue to increase.  Morale has never been as high as it is now.  

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