Saturday, October 31, 2015


The past few weeks haven't seen a lot of progress in terms of what is seen in the chart.  But I think I know why.  It's because in the game Bubbles, you go through different levels.  When you miss and pop the wrong bubble, you cannot progress to the next level.  However, the higher the level you are, the more points you get.  So you want to stay in the higher levels in order to get a high score.  

However, there are some instance/configurations in which I really am clueless as to which bubble is the closest, so it's making it difficult to stay higher and higher in the levels.  I'm constantly shifting up and down between the high and low levels because of this cluelessness.  

This chart can be used as an excuse for becoming depressed or losing morale.  However, I'm not looking exclusively at score as a gauge of progress.  I also am taking into consideration subjective experience.  That seems to have improved quite a lot in the past week, particularly yesterday and Thursday.  Also, when I look at my eyes in the mirror I am getting very close to being able to make eye contact with myself with both eyes--which--is going to be weird when it finally happens.  Also, my eyes seem to be getting bigger, particularly my 'lazy' eye.  

So in other words, I see this apparent plateau as a sort of gestation period.  I know things are happening even though it's not showing up in the chart.  It's sort of like Boil's Law, when you heat a pot of water to boil.  You put a steady amount energy into the liquid water.  The temperature steadily rises.  However, a curious thing happens at near boil.  The water temperature stops heating.  The energy used for increasing the temperature is then used for phase change: converting the liquid water into water vapor.  Once the water is converted into vapor, however, it can be heated beyond 100ยบ C almost indefinitely.  Something similar is happening here.  I'm putting a steady amount of work to my eyes (energy), but I'm not getting the output that I'm expecting (higher score--albeit, other things are improving).  But when the fusion becomes so good that I lose my cluelessness, I should break out to the other side. 

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