Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Oculus Rift unbroke :) :) :)

I finally got the HDMI connector that Oculus's support Fedexed me, plugged it in, did some finagling, and to my amazement it worked.  I just put in 40 minutes of Diplopia yesterday.  I am super happy right now.

What else... I was surprised by how big and depthy everything was.  I still didn't pass most of the vision integration tests, but it does seem as though my vision has improved a lot in the past few weeks without playing Diplopia.  Even one of my diplopia tests seems to indicate progress (looking down at my double left foot).  What's going on?  Why is this happening?

Well, maybe it's because I took a good long break.  But I think even more than that, it's a combination of two different habits I've recently formed.  I do 20 minutes of meditation while undergoing tDCS in the morning, upon waking.  That, and I've also been doing a lot of reading using the modified reading techniques that I've described in previous entries.  This means that I minimize saccadic eye movements by maximizing the use of my peripheral vision.  

By doing meditation and tDCS in the morning, I'm priming my brain for changeability.  Meditation is known to improve learning.  tDCS is known to do the same.  Then later in the day I read with the new reading technique to improve the peripheral vision.  It does seem that I've improved the peripheral vision of my left lazy eye quite a lot.  It seems to have very good mobility as well, in order to avoid diplopia.  When I was walking down the hallway I noticed books to my right, and was surprised by how close the double images of them appears.  It really felt like I was beginning to get an understanding of what objects look like in three dimensions.  It kind of left me thinking 'whoa.'. 

What else... I found a much better way to use my Iontophoresis.  I got fed up using the crappy cables that I had created to interconnect the Ionto's weird leads to the banana plugs I use for the electrodes.  They kept corroding, which caused the Ionto's impedance detectors to go off.  I ended up finding leads with the correct 'Safety Leads', which connect to a pin-to-banana plug adapter.  I also bought a bunch of plastic pipettes for soaking the electrodes with saline.  This has made tDCS much, much less cumbersome.  That's a big deal, when you have this giant ski mask-looking thing (Oculus Rift) attached to your head, with a hairband underneath, with electrodes strategically placed--with headphones on to top it off.  

It does feel like I'm getting closer.  I know better than to guess when, but I'm not sweating it.^90719330893-sku^671+0059@ADL4SCRIPHESSCO-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^58890930013

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