Sunday, November 9, 2014

More progress with Diplopia

It's the end of the weekend.  I just did a 40 minute session of Diplopia with tDCS.  I noticed quite a difference from the last time I played (three days ago).  It started me off with Bricks.  Immediately I noticed that things are bigger and seem closer to me.  I still failed the initial visual integration tests that begin before you're immersed into the game.  But I did do better than ever.

What else, my driving has improved quite a bit.  I am much more aware of what's going on around me.  This must be a result of decreased suppression.  Driving is actually kind of enjoyable when your eyes work properly.  I did notice, yesterday in particular, that my lazy eye seems to be doing extra work in terms of mobility--like my brain is whipping it into shape by saying 'hey, we're using you now, so start behaving like an eye.'  Laziness will not be tolerated!

I do have some anxiety as my suppression continues to decrease.  Are all of the pieces going to work themselves out?  Or am I going to break my vision?  haha!  Pretty nerve wracking.  This is a sentiment that I know is shared by Robert (mentioned in previous entries).  He's worried, in particular, about reading.  Are the words going to match up and properly overlay on top of one another so that he has a true singular view of the page?  Or is it going to be a confusing non-aligning mess in which he's unable to make sense out of anything?  Man.  It takes a lot of balls to do vision therapy.

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